homemade granola bars!

homemade granola bars

(a little uneven because I didn’t have a deep enough baking dish and had to shape them with my hands :P)

I love me some granola bars – they are my afternoon snack of choice. Unless I get hungry before lunch, in which case they are my morning snack of choice. I’ve just been getting Kellogg ones which are good but have an ingredient list 1000 miles long. Apparently I’m too picky for the “natural” bars (am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t like raisins?) and they’re a little expensive for what you get (imo). SO, I’ve been meaning to make my own and finally did! I used a recipe from Joyful Abode, although I changed around most of the add-ins to suit my preferences; I liked this recipe over the others I found because it’s so simple and flexible.

I left out the wheat germ, put in a tiny extra bit of vanilla and some cinnamon into the honey mix; I used dried cherries and cranberries, walnuts and sunflower seeds. They were surprisingly easy to make – I don’t know why I thought it would be difficult. You’re stuck in the kitchen because you have to mind the grains/nuts while they’re toasting and stir the honey mixture, but it’s not hard.

Diagnosis: DELICIOUS. The dried cherries are sweet so if I use them in the future I’ll scale back on the sugar but it’s not too overwhelming. I’m also going to throw way more sunflower seeds in there next time because that little burst of nuttiness is so nice against the honey. Yay!

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