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I’ve been out of the scene for *cough cough* years so I’ve been looking around to see what’s what with art journaling, blogging, and generally being artsy on the interwebs.

A lot of the advice I’ve seen encourages you to find a niche or primary topic so that readers will know what to expect when they come to your blog (or YouTube channel or whatever). I totally get this. It makes sense from a branding perspective.

But what about from a regular ol’ “I want to make things and share ’em” perspective? It makes me feel a little sad that people may think they need to come up with their potential product line before they can jump into being creative.

This spread was inspired by the fact that I have many different interests and a weird art style that doesn’t fit in with the typical art journaling I see. I may be making myself unmonetizable and unmarketable, but I’m doing it for the lolz so I don’t care.

…Except that I care a little because everybody wants to be liked. 🙂 I suppose that is a natural tension that most creators experience.

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