Poem a Day, Day 3

The NaPoWriMo prompt today was a glosa, where you take four lines from another poem and use those lines to end each respective stanza (first line = end of first stanza, etc). I had a serious idea for this but it requires a little more thought, so instead I’m posting my very silly idea. I pulled a few lines from one of Bren’s DCC modules (Neon Knights/Purple Planet). I ended each stanza with a line from the module but other than that just did what I wanted. So…only very loosely inspired by this prompt. 🙂

The ship crash landed on some random planet. 
The voice of the ship’s scanner: 
“The Sea of Dust is a swirling mass of dust and inert gasses.”

We left our steaming shell behind. Predictably: dunes,
as far as we could see— 
the combined detritus of the burning moon.

Each direction deadly, we picked one and forged ahead. 
The hot air smothered us with dust  
and motes of flesh of a thousand generations of indigenous dead.

A welcome sight emerged just when we thought our fate was set: 
a tiny town teetering on the edge of a modest ocean.
Proximity to the sea had a strange side effect—

We have existed far beyond when our time should be done.
After all these years longing to be released from our exile but 
visitors to the Purple Planet are protected from the toxic energy of the dying sun.

As the world lives and dies around us, old giving way 
to new to old and to new, here we stay, 
and do not take the 1d3 points of Stamina damage most aliens suffer every day. 

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