Poem a Day, Day 4

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem in the form of a poetry prompt. I don’t think mine is going to help anybody. 😉

Step 1
Approach the keyboard, hesitate. 
Spin around, stop! Double-take three times—
Realize you’re watching Spongebob in your head.
Settle back down. 
     Don’t think about: 
     That thing you have to do
     That other thing too
     That thing she said—what did that mean? 
     Was she being mean, but I was too dumb to get it?
     I am too dumb to get this 
Anyway, don’t think about any of those. 
Just think about poetry,
The things poetry is about: 
     Feelings? Like, do I have those? 
     Emotions—wait that’s another word for feelings
     Imagery, like cherry blossoms
     Hehe that reminds me of the trees in Animal Crossing
     Damn it
Step 2
Write a poem


  1. Wow!! Love the way you took me with you through the process.

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